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Preparing for Ass-magedon!

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So I'm prepping for my colonoscopy starting tomorrow. Which means I get to eat an all liquid diet and take special high-strength laxatives to flush out the bowels. Diarrhea is supposed to subside in 1-3 hours after drinking the solution. Then you get to do it again in the morning before the procedure. Why am I telling you this? Well hell, we all know I tend to talk about my ass-problems and hopefully we'll find some neat things while they're doing Japanese tentacle porn on my ass.


And I figure since this is really not on my list of things to do, it will make me feel better if I share! :D Don't worry, I won't go nuts, like say, post the video on youtube. Hehe. I do believe they give you a video. Hmmmmm. :P


Tonight, since I'm going to be pissed off and cranky tomorrow from not eating shit, and then shitting shit, and then going yet another morning on all liquids (need to make some jello in a second, I can have that) I thought I'd take care of a few things on the truck. Changed the oil, then went to change the power steering switch.


What does a power steering switch do, you ask? It send the idle-up signal to the ecu when the line pressure increases as you turn the wheel! I tested mine for continuity a while back, and it didn't have any. Tends to try and kill the motor in the snow with the lights and wipers going if you turn the wheel viciously. Particularly right after you back out of a parking spot when you're ready to go home for the day. Only a minor annoyance, but figured what the hell, I'd fix it. The switch is fing expensive, like 100 bucks from Nissan, so that prepared me for the ass reaming! Only partially. (Of course I got my NAPA hookup so that was a bit better.) Small pinecones.


So I get the one out and plug the leak with my finger while grabbing the new one and threading it in. Of course I didn't look that carefully at it, mistake number one. The connector is longer, no worry, I can wrap it around some things. Get to the connection and oh crap! Wrong connector. So at this point, it's going in. The switch is the same, connector is wrong. So I grabbed the electrical supplies and wired in the old connector.


The funny part is it seemed to help, but not that much. Think I may have a slightly weak steering pump (probably original), and it might also be the 30x9.50 15 BFGs on there. Not that bad, but still lots wider than stock. Of course, I don't think Nissan ever put a gigantic steering pump on there rigs. Not like a Jeep where you can bend the tie rods just by turning the wheel. Good and bad. Anyway, it doesn't seem to drop idle nearly as much, so I would think it's working. Have to disconnect and check for continuity when the pump is working (turn the wheels) for the factory check procedure.


Anyway, now that I have those two things done, I'm going to make some jello, watch a movie and get up and eat jello or chicken broth for breakfast. Yum...sort of.

















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HAHA! I'm a sedation nurse for the endoscopy department! Your colonoscopy is going to be the single most painful think to happen in your life! And you'll fucking love it!






Fentanyl + Versed = Jimmy Hendrix concert inside your eyeballs.

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Dammit hardwyre! You're not supposed to tell me that! It better not hurt much, those fuckers better sedate the shit out of me. I'm going to be pissed off by the time I get there from not eating, I'll go medieval on that doc if I feel much of anything! :D


Why can't you be closer? Then we REALLY would have had a Canby story! :lol:

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Have your GF/wife take a Sharpie and write"EXIT ONLY" just below your beltline and then draw an arrow downwards.


It would have to be Molly at this point and she can't write well. ;)

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Well that just ruined my breakfast :sick:


That'll teach me to open an HRH thread while eating a breakfast burrito :no:



Haha, Jayden, I will send you the video link later! Winning!

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Been there....done it.

And yes... it does hurt

They should give you an extra shot of morphine while they attempt to navigate through those tight corners. :)


Actually....They snapped a pic of mine.

Looks like an apple danish.......was thinking of posting that pic on the locale bulletin board.

Doughnuts for Sale...Mmmmmm tasty.... :D

See if I get any 'bites'.... :lol:

It's rather convincing, no one would have a clue from looking at the pic. :rolleyes:

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My jello turned out to be okay after all! I had jello and a bowl of chicken broth, and a cup of apple cider for breakfast. Let's, see, what's for lunch? Oh joy, a Sprite! Going to go take Molly for a walk, might get up the effort to make the AC cover I think. Got a window unit, not that well insulated.

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