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father/daughter project 520/521 parts needed

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Howdy Ratsun folks Its been a long time..... We are getting close to finishing our daughter/father project but needs some parts to finish it up.

its a 1967 520

I will come get them if they are within 200 miles of me I live in central oregon.

Quick list of what we need

1. Drive shaft

2. Rear view mirror

3. really nice tailgate (we have a decent one now)

4. taillights

5. sun visors

6. lower front valance

7. Shifter

8. Glove box tray

I am sure there is more but this is a good start

thanks Chris

Text me at @ 541-228-7255 if you have some parts or a really cheap parts truck

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That looks like every other 520/521 owners wish list.



I have none of those, and want much of what is on that list...

So I have little to contribute.


Although little, it is something.

When i bought my 521, it didn't have a mirror.

I went to a frined's house, he had a parts 620.


I took the mirror from a 620 of the stalk, and installed it on to my 521.

Perfect fit. Same mirror.


Good luck with the hunt!


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