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gear reduction starter


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I think they are more common in Canada to help cold starting, but may be a factory option as not all 620s had them. All Z series 720/200sx engines I have ever seen have them, but are clocked different and the solenoid hits the dip stick tube if used on the L series motor. I bent my tube against the block slightly and it fit but the solid dip stick rod now wouldn't. Changed the dip stick but eventually found a G/R L starter from an '84 Maxima.


What about the LD28?

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Canadian Datsuns. 1977-up, including B210.


They may have had GR as an option on the '77-up. I've had two '78 that didn't have them and pulled starters from two others and a '79 and '80 L20B that didn't. (could have been changed??) My neighbor had a '74 with GR, so who knows.

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From the 311s.org TechWiki:


Forklift Starter Information


Compliments of Dave Brisco


Gear reduction, fits all Roadsters. These #'s are 9 tooth Look for Nissan H20 forklift gear reduction starter. Prices vary, from $69.00 to $179.00. shop carefully Part#'s to search for (ebay) Replaces: Mitsubishi M1T60081, M1T60381, Nissan 23300-K9160, 23300-W9810 Lester Nos: 17437


Regular, non gear reduction (cheaper) Can find from $35.00 very short, good header clearance. Should verify it is 9 tooth. Part #'s to search MITSUBISHI M3T11272, MEA13-1 NISSAN 23300-P5110, 23300-P5111, 23300-P5112 VALEO SHORT VS213 BOSCH REMAN SR138FL MITSUBISHI MEY2R, MEY3R NISSAN 23300-15811, 23300-15815




Dunno if they'll fit L-series or not, but thought I'd post anyway.

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A direct drive starter is one that has the starter motor shaft connected directly to the final drive gear that engages the starter ring on the flywheel. One turn of the starter equals one the of the drive gear.


On a gear reduction starter, the motor drives an intermediate gear that is coupled to the final drive gear. This reduces the cranking speed but multiplies the turning torque of the starter to overcome cold weather starts.


I have one on my L20B and it makes a distinctive loud CHIRP, CHIRP when starting.

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