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320 truck windshields and windshield gaskets


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has anybody tryed these ones on ebay ...do they fit if so good price.




I have an issue with the 311 and the 320 using the same gasket, the 320 doesn't have any sharp corners, but that may be a generic photo in the ad, but the size isn't even close to my roadster, but I have a 1967 low windshield(42" X 15"), I don't have a tall windshield to measure here, but the 320 gasket seems to be quite a bit larger(45" X 16"), maybe it is the tall roadster windshield, and that may not have sharp corners.

This ebay company is selling it for basicly $50.00, plus $40.00 for slow shipping, and if it don't fit and you want your money back, you have to pay to ship it back, and you have only 7 days?

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I havnt done so yet myself, but was also wondering the same thing! Pretty sure Wayno said the rear seal was a bit$@ to put in so I'm sure the front glass and seal is just as fun! I'm sure two people will be necessary and make sure u post up after u do install the seal good luck!!





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I havnt done so yet myself, but was also wondering the same thing! Pretty sure Wayno said the rear seal was a bit$@ to put in so I'm sure the front glass and seal is just as fun! I'm sure two people will be necessary and make sure u post up after u do install the seal good luck!!



I said it was a bit$@ to get it on the glass, I just test fitted it to the rear glass, I didn't actually try to put it in anything.

Everyone remember, all these gaskets are made from a bigger gasket, so they are cut to size, and then glued together, that glued area/spot should be placed bottom center, at least that what the man told me.

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Hi everyone,

I'm interested in a windshield and rubber seal, maybe 2 sets of them if my father in law wants a spare.

We are located in Nor Cal, Chico CA.

What would be the going price on them?


So the big question of the hour seems, does anyone know what windshield that he cutting them from?

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I am selling 320 windshields cut recently for $400.00 plus shipping and packaging which was averaging about $140.00 threw UPS, so far all have made it without any issues.

The windshield gaskets are $120.00 plus shipping($15.00 lower 48 states), but could be put in the box with the windshield if bought together.

I see your in northern california, are you going to canby?

I can deliver to canby for free.

Shipping/packaging is an issue, it's not cheap.

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Canby is the biggest datsun meet we have in this area, here's the thread link.


It's 2 1/2 days, there is camping on site, vendor sites(sell datsun parts), car show, or just park your datsun on site for everyone to see.

Canby is a little farther than 3 1/2 hrs. from Chico, it's basicly located in portland, Or.

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so i finally got my front window rubber and met with eddie kotto personally upon purchase. here is what i took from this event. eddie is a cool dude. he is trying to get the window vent rubbers to work for the 320, and said that he was very impressed by the Datsun/Ratsun community. he was praising the fact that we all, inadvertantly, have been working together to get these 320's preserved. he also wants to help keep that happening like with the window cutting service and window rubber stuff.


as far as installation, he recommended lubricating the rubber with silicone spray, wd-40, vasoleen(i think), or some other lubricant that will aid in the install of the window. also, he said to keep the ends center and toward the bottom (i believe) but he did say keep em' centered for sure.


im sure he wouldnt have an issue with coaching anyone through the process of install when you get to that point.



like i said i have my window and rubber but i wont install untill i clean the ratty bondo job the previous owner did so i look foward to any input if someone ends up doing the install before me.

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Wayne, I'm going to need a couple of those windshield rubbers as well.


I know I still need to get with you on my windshield, so maybe we can do that all at once.


Thanks man!


BTW, sending you another customer - her name is Jerri.



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I'm more talking about how the blade attaches to the arm i haven't seen this style before are they common? Its old school looking to me....i have the arms i just needing blades wondering if its gonna be a bitch or not



Need to see what your talking about, take a photo of yours and post it.

On my 47 chevy truck, the blades are 10 inches, and the rubber part of the blade is all I need, so I go to the auto parts store, look at the rubber part of the blades till I find the shape I need(grooves look right), buy a 20 inch blade, remove the rubber from the existing holder, cut it in half, and put them in my blade holder, install on arm, and now I am good for a while.

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