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Clutch Slave Cylinder for a 1967 411


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Hi Guys


I'm just about ready to put my new clutch and brake master cylinders into the 411 and picked up a new slave cylinder too.


Just wondering if anyone can advise whether the clutch slave cylinder should have a spring and seat for the rod. The one I have only has the rubber boot and a rod.. Seeing as the old one had the rubber boot held on with a sandwich bag tie I don't really have a reference point for the part.


Hoping someone has an idea about this as I've never swapped out a clutch slave and want to make sure I'm putting in a complete part. I know there will be a spring behind the piston but is there supposed to be one for the rod to sit into/onto?





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OK, I may have been on the wrong track here.


When I pulled the old slave cylinder out it had a spring that ran back and hooked onto the hydraulic hose coming out of the hardline. I assumed this was just to keep it out of the way.


Upon closer inspection I reckon this should be the return spring for the lever that the clutch slave operates so that the lever arm is constantly under pressure and keeps the clutch engaged. There seems to be a small hole in the lever arm that may be asking for a spring to be put through it


Can anyone confirm my new theory? unsure.gif





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