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Datsun / Nissan Cranks $85 in Tacoma

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From Seattle Craigs List... Lots of cranks. I just pasted the Nissan stuff.


(FatCat... No *Post Craigs List Here* in this forum :) )




Crankshafts Machined - $85 (tacoma)


Date: 2011-09-29, 12:02PM PDT

Reply to: sale-buvmz-2623963951@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]

We closed our machine shop in Tacoma after 79 years in business. These crankshafts have been inspected and machined undersize. It's a long list that is squeezed into a small window below. The headers on the columns are Make - engine size - year - quanity on hand - casting number - undersize of rod and main journals


Waterhouse Motors had the reputation for putting out the best crank work in the Puget Sound area. If you see a crank on this list that will work for you call me at 253-219-2000 Ed



NISSAN-4 cyl A12 1971-73 3 ? CORE

NISSAN-4 cyl A13 1974 1 ? 10/10 CORE

NISSAN-4 cyl Z22 1981-82 1 ? 20/10

NISSAN-4 cyl Z24 1983-89 2 ? 10/10

nissan v\6 3.O 2 ? 10/10

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