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SoCal: For Sale or Trade 73 620

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Clean Title, no major body damage but has dings and dents as most trucks have.


Pretty much over carburation, looking for a fuel injected Four Door or Wagon.. Datsun or other.


LS400, Q45, or other mid 90's Luxury Vehicles accepted and preferred!


Traded vehicle must be in perfect running condition! In dire need of a proper reliable fuel injected daily driver!


Else $3800 OBO


Cammed L20B, WAS on Dual Sidedrafts but manifold developed cracks on all four runners, now it's on a 32/36 DGAV with an intake leak.

Hooker Header, straight piping to A-Spec blast pipes, lowered 3"





L20B with a cam, not sure on specs but bigger than Isky Stage 2, from what i was told supposedly displacement was increased to 2.1 by P.O. (Race shop in Santa Ana, CA)

Front 15x8.5 -10, 15x10.5 -54 Rear

205/60/15s all around.

Poly Leafsprings Bushings

Poly Sway Bar Bushings

Poly Torsion Bushings

Dogleg 5spd

Tonneu Cover!!

Rolled Fenders

Air Struts in Rear

BMW Projectors with 35w HIDS (4.3k)

DuPont Bed Liner

BRAND NEW Distributor

Solex Barrel Locks

NOS Turn Signal switch (No more of those damn ground issues that 620s are plagued with because of old turn signal switches!)

DCOMs are already tuned for Mid-Highs by Fast Freddy's in Santa Ana, have receipts!

Front disc conversion

New Windshield

Wired up headunit, with AUX (DUAL brand) mounted under parcel tray.

Comes with Bench seat, not Recaro NJoys


Weber 40MM DCOM with TWM Velocity Stacks included with lynx manifold (Cracked Manifold)




Intake Manifold Leak


Front cover leaks






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