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I'm back with Pic's or should it be Oic's?

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I introduced myself a few weeks ago with my '68 1600, at that time I had pulled her from a field, only to move her to another field.


Well after a busy weekend, I'm happy to say she has left the field and now is in my shop ready for some serious work.


First was debugging it, yup up on the lift I was able to get rid of 'most' of the crawling things that have made their residents in there, using a paint stick as my main tool, it was just like making cotton candy with cobwebs.

After a good soapy bath, and some good rolling wheels / tires she looks a lot happier!



Cleaning and evaluating what I have here




I can't wait, bent hood is gone! Grill removed and in the 'save pile'




Starting disassembly, next item to remove is the engine / trans, then off comes the body.




I started another thread over in the Engine forum with some questions about the SR20 DET options I have, so if so inclined please read and respond.


I am really excited to build this, and since completing my last project I have done nothing but read up and research Datsuns!

If you all knew how ingrained Chevrolet has been in my life, you would understand why this is so new and exciting, it's like having a mistress (something to take all my attention and money at the same time!)


Anyway as promised ....OIC's!






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Nice! Are you going to do a motor swap or is it going to be a restoration?



Swap... I'm looking to go with the SR20 DET and use an RX7 diff ,along with some other suspension and brake upgrades.


When i'm done, I want this to be as much fun to drive as my Big Block Corvette.


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