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85 720 5 speed needed

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Got a buddy in Vegas who is looking for a 85 720 5 speed transmission. The truck is a K/C if that makes a difference [prob. not] Anybody in the Phoenix AZ ,Victorville-Barstow CA or Vegas have one please let me know & Ill pass him the word..thanks.

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Regular cab, shortbox 2WD had the shortshaft



Ok, let me add a little more info, regular cab, shortbox 2wd had the shortshaft with a speedo drive after 1984ish, 4 wheel drive trucks didn't have the speedo drive in the tranny unless someone put a 2wd tranny in the 4X4 truck afterwards as far as I know, that is why you always look in all the datsun/nissan 4X4s in the wrecking yards, to see if it has a shortshaft with a speedo drive, and not all 4X4s had shortshafts either. Sealik is correct, if the console(if it has one) doesn't have a small change tray in front of the shifter, it's likely a shortshaft.

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On my 85 kc i discovered that the 5 speed out of a z will work if you switch the bell housings. Which is the front half of the case and for some reason those trans are easier to find hope that helps.


On the '84 and up a larger 62mm counter bearing is used in the front case so an earlier 620/280z or zx transmission must have the smaller 58mm bearing removed and a larger 720 bearing swapped on. Also the 720 1st/2nd shift rod is16mm in diameter and is supported in the front case. The earlier 620/280z and zx shift rod is only 14mm and while it will fit the larger 720 hole, it isn't really supported very well and should be shimmed or sleeved.

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