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HF Electric Hoist - Mounting to HF Trolley

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I just finished putting up a how to on my site about how to mount up the HF(Harbor Freight) electric hoist to their trolley. I gained a couple extra inches of lift and it works awesome!! Let me know if you find any errors or have any questions. :)



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Thanks! It works friggin' awesome! I'm kinda looking forward to using it more. I kinda dreaded using the chain hoist, but it did the job.

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Good work ! I like how you keep it simple for the do it yourself guys. BTW we used the same hoist [w/chain] to lift my boat off it's trailer. Worked good until the chain got binded up :o ;)

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Dave came over, so I hooked Mend up to the hoist again to show him how high it would go. I had the back cleaned out this time :)







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