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hi new to ratsun just be came an owner to a L320 truck about 1 mouth ago and i got some questions for you guys i having big problems with the engine it is a 1299 j14 i think what the guy said i bought it form what year of datsun have this engine can anyone help me with a website for parts or if you have and spare part you would sell that be great. trying to keep is as datsun made as possible before i put in a rotary engine in it.and tire seize would be nice thanks

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The natives will get restless without them!





Welcome to Ratsun!


What kind of history do you have for this thing?

Any plans?


I have a friend where I live who has a J15 in his 320 with 4.375 gears from a 521.

That thing is a ripper for what it is.

I wish he would do the same to his NL.

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Flipping sweet! We love a 320 around here for sure! So are you planning on a rotary eventually? Lots of info on J-series here. They actually went up to a J-18 in some parts of the world.


Also, the j-series is a copy of the British BMC b-series engines. Or close enough that it could bolt in I think. There is a guy on here doing that. Then you can start digging into MGB performance mods.


Here is a link for J16-18 info.

My link

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Hey, I've also got a J13 in my L320. When shopping for parts, just look up the parts for a 1965 Datsun 520, or similar, to see parts for the J13 engine. It's actually not hard to find most stuff, even through your local auto parts stores or rockauto.com


You can actually get a lot of stuff through your local Nissan dealership too. Just be sure to research the parts numbers in advance and give it to them. Repair manuals and parts catalogs can be found here: http://www.davidcmur...dat/620tech.htm


You can get an idea of what's still available by putting in the parts numbers here: http://www.nissanparts.cc/parts.php

I haven't ordered from them yet, as its just less hassle to call my Nissan dealership and have them order it. The dealers costs a few bucks more, but there's no shipping costs.

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Found a reasonably priced mechanical fuel pump here, I think:



They also provide the Nissan part number (17010-13901), which shows as $55 + $10 shipping thru Nissanparts.cc which should also mean you could get it thru your local Nissan dealer for a bit more than $55

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