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1964 Datsun NL320

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So I have been around Datsuns since I was a baby and I have always loved them. I got into them alot with my friend in High School. We built and fixed his 510 all the time. Then I bought a 240SX and kind of got away from the Datsun scene. Anywho, I attended the J-Tin meet here in Salt Lake City and really remembered what I loved about Datsuns and all Vintage Japanese cars and trucks. So randomly I called my brother and I talked to my uncle and he asked if I wanted to buy his Datsun Pickup. I was immediately interested and decided I would do what had to be done to get back into the vintage Datsun/Nissan scene. So I sold my built SR20 that I had for my 240SX and bought this little gem.


It is a 1964 Datsun NL320. I bought it just as it sits. It was parked inside my grandmother's barn since 1986. It was painted before it was parked, with rims and new tires. The interior is diamond tucked and clean. It has an L18 swap with a 5-speed trans.


Pics are here! Engine bay soon!















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I can't see any photos yet, I have a NL320 myself, and would be interested in seeing how a L block is put in there, it's a real small engine compartment, just like your photos are so small I can't see them. :lol: We NEED detailed photos of the engine compartment, after oics. of the pickup of course.

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I've seen a pic of an L in a 320 before here on Ratsun. In that case the engine penetrated into the fire wall where the heater would be.


This is a beautiful NL you have here man!!

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Can you get some upclose pics of the motor mounts on both the block and the x-member?

Maybe some underneath pics of the motor too.


That's cool though.

Do you know what gears it has in the rear.

The L can only go so fast with the stock 320 gearset.


I will get pics of the mounts and crossmember.


As for the gears, it has an unknown floorshift 5-speed trans out of a 200sx or maybe a Z of some sort. It is a stock rearend though.

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