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eagle rock parts for sale & needed

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i'm heading to eagle rock to buy and sell parts...kindly let me know with possible trades...thank you very much



parts for sale:


73 grille w/ datsun emblem

78 grille w/ datsun emblem

front/rear side lights

interior console box

front bumper very rare one piece no splices

front bumper w/ splices

front lower valance w/ lights

stock steering 2 pcs

tail gate 2 pcs

front hood 2 pcs

panasport rims w/ tires



parts needed:


chrome side mirrors

rear bumperettes w/ brackets

driver side front fender

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you are very fortunate to possess $1 judging by the high level of your response to my posting or better yet use your $1 to acquire some education and respect...you are too young to fuck with me !!!

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Im not " fucking" with you, just giving you,some shit bout your 4 copy and pasted posts, none of which had prices, but it looks like mike gotcha set up, good luck with sale, maybe read the rules is all, age doesnt all ways demand respect, but I didnt mean to disrespect that wasnt even a harsh flaming, some guy are pretty good about making people regret there mistakes, I was just givin you a little flack on your "spam"

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mike, want to apologize for numerous posting with the same topic. just want to spread the excellent parts for sale and these parts will be sold with very reasonable pricing especially to our fellow datsun members.




redbanner it's all good bro, your apology is accepted if you are apologizing. we greeks are too serious sometimes...giles spartos

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