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rastun-ite needs help outside of phoenix! !!!

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Im coming from Tacoma WA!! ALL TRIP no problems, this was probably my last up hill leg and pop there she blows. Im getting towed to quartzite within the hour and gonna have to see what happens.thanks for the bumps and I hope I can get it fixed asap im here to start school on the 10th!!!


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I made that same trip 10 years ago for school. Watch yourself, as the saying in Tent City goes, "Come on vacation, leave on probation. Come BACK on violation, stay for the duration". Go there, get the job done, don't mess around, and get back home. If you've never been out of the PNW, your stay in PHX will make you appreciate it all the more. Good luck!

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I sent yellowdatsun a PM. He's on here pretty regularly, and I directed him at this thread, so hopefully he or someone he knows can help you out. Sorry man, what a pinch to be in.. :(


probably a wise idea, he probably has a good idea of who is around.

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Hey, sorry for the late reply. I'm not in a position to help this week. I would if I could. There's the one guy in Quartzite that restores/sells old cars, maybe he can help? I can ask our Desert Datsun club members to see if anyone can help.


What kind of engine is it? Are you sure its only the headgasket? I actually have one, but just not the time to help out, and I feel bad about it.

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