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body mount bushings

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need to replace body bushings, used search but not finding answer. question is, which type?( this is for my 521) soft compound or firm. anyone notice a difference between either type vs stock. truck rattles like hell on freeway. firm type kit from energy suspension match up on top bushing height but thinking softer set might dampen noise better

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Firm bushings for a tight ride, then install some sound deadening on your panels if you want to do it right.


Might need to take a wrench around your ride and tighten shit up. Oh, foam double sided tape with the wax paper like covering left on one side works wonders for quieting trim pieces and interfaces.

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I'm looking to replace my body bushings as well. Where do you guys get body bushings? I had planned to try and mold my own, but if I could buy a new set, that would make things greatly simpler.



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At NAPA we carry quite a few "motor mounts" that happen to be slightly smaller than hockey pucks, with varying sizes of holes in them. They are almost the same size as hardbody bed mounts, just thicker. Think they're around 3/4 to an inch tall. Might be a relatively cost effective option. Just have them look in the 602- BK numbers. Think one of those part numbers is a 602-1045, can't remember exactly.


A lot of the '32ish Chevy/Ford guys end up using those as body mounts.

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