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'73 1200 Coupe Project, aka Timmy

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No, i don't. But it is not my car either. Gold centered wheels were cool in the 80's and have seen better days now. But i guess that everything makes a comeback, but should it?


Sorry, just my opinion.


But i am really enjoying the rest of your build, makes me want a 1200. Wife would kill me. Really like the flares.



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  • 3 weeks later...

Got some work done this weekend...


MadDat crossmember showed up Saturday, so the engine may go in sooner than expected...





Got the RHD pedal box installed in the car and working. Column goes in next weekend...





Since the RHD pedal box I have is set up for a cable clutch (not hydraulic), and clearance is tight around the intake manifold, I decided to peruse other options. I found that if I welded up the cable hook on the end of the clutch pedal and re-drilled it, I can hook up the pushrod for the clutch master cylinder and mount it backwards inside the dash. :D




Then I will run a new clutch hardline from there to down beside the trans where it needs to be. I may end up making a remote reservoir to make it easier to fill and keep an eye on, but I might just keep it there so it's invisible once the car is finished. I know it's a bit crazy, but it WILL work. Now I just need to build a VERY beefy mount for the master so there's no flex.

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That's beautiful :D


So many awesome Datto models that I never knew existed are popping up on Ratsun lately...


The 1200 (besides the 320 trucks, I first found out about those on nwde) is one of the first ones I saw on here when the board first started and I was like, "What the hell is that? I want one" :D

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2eDeYe;54145'']The 1200 is one of the first ones I saw on here when the board first started and I was like, "What the hell is that? I want one" :D


Good luck, they aren't too easy to come by. ;)


I do know of a nice driver on the west coast for a decent price (considering how clean it is)? :D

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That 1200 engine compartment looks "made to fit a CA18DET", doesn't it? Fills it up quite nicely.


It is the best fitting of all the modern engines in a 1200. I thought about an SR20DET but the CA18DET is shorter by about 2.5-3" and lighter by about 30-40 pounds. It does seem to be almost "made for it". :D

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