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Sunkist 521 ka24e


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Is that a stock carb you have there?? I've been trying to figure out ways to get more power out of L20 but I read the whole thread and ur truck motivates me to get mines lowered now..lookin good dude


thats not a stock carb, looks like a webber 32/36. they are a nice upgrade from the stock carbs.

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thats not a stock carb, looks like a webber 32/36. they are a nice upgrade from the stock carbs.



+1 not sure how much more power it gives you since i went from a completly stock L18 to this beasty L20b but the power is deff their ;)

and the webber sounds like a tornadow under the hood, in love with the sound <3 lol

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nothing but bad luck with this truck :/


after i droped the L20 in its been waisting ALOT of gas. about 60 a week and dont drive that much.


Today I go to drive and wont start, thought it was cause I had no gas so i went and put some gas but when it finaly put some in she idled bad and thought it was just cause it was cold. i got to fill up the tank and ran like shit! pulled over to warm it up more but when i pull the choke cord it would die.

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Sweet rims for that truck. If you find center caps, definitly get the flat version. I guess you only have to use the spacers because of the calipers you are using?

Does anyone know if there are any issues with the old Frontier 6 round spoke rims 15x7 (believe it is a +20 offset)

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so ive kept you guys out of the bubble for a while.

Coilovers never went in because the motor took a crap once again. spun the berings:/

was thinking of rebuilding it but said might aswell go with a swap.

Picking up a KA24E-t tomorrow for 500. *QA1 money i had saved up*

turbo set up is ready to go and wiring is done already, the guy owns a 510 but decided to go sr20.

these next few weeks the truck is going into major overhaul before shes up and running.


Coilovers "dont wanna deal with toirson bars getting in the way of the exaust"

picked up some bride buckets so need

brakets and harness

and the engine bay is getting painted befor motor is dropped in along with the tailgate since its gonna be the same color.


Also saw some western Bullets wheels for sale 15 x 8.5 if i remeber right.

thinking on picking those up

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I knew i could never get it to handle like a 510 so i went with a high rate.

400Lbs springs 7'inches long

so if you check out al allens 620 he has a ka24 turbo and with the the motor set up your going with at 400lbs springs caused his front coilovers to bottom out.check out his post he even has pictures.
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It might be the toirson bars man, they might be cranked down?

when you do the coilovers set up your supposed to remove them aswell. witch is the point why alot of use do this set up.

when bebanni did his thread he said that 350 was good enough and 400 was stiff on his ka.

torson bars are quit heavy so removing them might help, i also relocated the battery to the rear so that helps too lol

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