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Sunkist 521 ka24e


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Hey guys, so today I was out with the family and on my way home I was pulling out of the parking lot. Didn't even go one foot and I heard a loud popping noise! I get out to check the rims and lugs and seem fine so I continue to try and drive but it keeps acuting but this time I feel my brake pedal kinda jump. I pull into the my uncles garage and and pull of the front left tire and I continue to take off my wheel adapters but the lug is loose. I check the rest and they are ALL loose. I could literaly just pull them off. 2 of the original studs popped out and the 4 left are stripped so the lug wont be grabing onto anything. I havent checked the rest of the wheels yet but what might cause this?

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Yeah doing some research and read its putting some stress, Unfortuantly I cant get rid of them and will have to roll with them for a while since my rims dont clear my Z32 calipers and i'd have to sell my rims and get new rims that will. For now im going to change out the studs and lugs and check them constanly

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I would recommend magnaflow with a resonator if u want it on the quiet side. Ive got video of mine on my build thread somewhere in there id u wanna hear it. I have 2 in. Pipe all the way with magnaflow, an L16 with stock exhaust manifold.

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it comes out the stock location, which is under the bed to the right. it's kinda hidden. i had them just replicate the stock pipe. in front of rear tire sounds cool. I've always wanted to try that on one of my cars.

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so got the L20 in and the exhaust with a bullet magnaflow and its prety loud. going back tomorrow to get it replaces with an oval type muffler and to re rout the piping. I asked for 2" but i got 2.25. not gonna complain about that but they did go under the the rear crossmember and im craping like a mofo. ill try and get pictures up.

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:thumbup:. mine sits pretty low too. but it's stock so it doesnt scrape yet. i'll tighten it up when i lower it. any chance of some video of what that bad boy sounds like?


on another note, are you using 3in. lowering blocks on the rear?

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