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Sunkist 521 ka24e


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btw checked today and the m/c is 15/16, im guessing i have to get all new hardlines because nothing is conected to anything.




i also took a few pictures of the brackets and how my non-exicting brakes are there lol





also selling these rotors if any one wants to pick them up in san diego




what is this? was this part of the old system?




and how would i go along with getting new hardlines? is there a donor car i could get them off of?


sorry im completly clueless lol


what else is missing other then the calipers and rotors and the rubber brake lines?

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You get straight lines or a box of rolled metal tube w a bag of fittings from parts house.

Have a tubing bender and a flaring kit. (Rented from Vato Zone, if need be.)

Bend to fit. All custom.


That valve you show, is from old system.

I'll dig up the part numbers for new distribution blocks in a min.


Are those front calipers brackets the ones needed for Z32 calipers?

Also, that rusty rotor-I'd run it. As long as it is not warped.

2 minutes of braking and it will be shiny.


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yeah its eather the honda passport or the z32 calipers but i just want the nissan on them suckers :P


and ill start taking off all the brake lines this weekend, any advise to were to locate them? or just run them the same place they were originaly on?


and the distributer block has to be replaced aswel?

man this project is coming out to be more work then i though X)

oh well at least im learning new things!:thumbup:

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Bee's kits use Nissan Hardbody dual piston calipers, Isuzu rotors.


Follow the lines you took off. Don't try to get fancy.

That distribution block will be replaced.


The fittings on that whole truck stock are SAE.

Everything you'll be fitting is/has to be metric.


If that master isn't hooked up, and is just sitting in the air, I'd replace it.

That's just me, but I'm super picky with brakes.


I had a friend who just did the whole swap on a 521...

he said it took him forever-and he had a lift to work on.


You've got your work cut out for ya.

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If you have never flared lines before, pratice-a lot!

Don't just throw your first flare on the truck, and think it's good. It's not.


Get it down!

Maybe employ some help from another Ratsun guy who has done some.


Bending can be a bit tricky too.


Go talk to someone at your local parts house and get different options on the metal brake lines and fittings.

Might want to have master and distribution blocks on hand before you buy.

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Going to the stealership this weekend to get the T-blocks and maybe a shifter pin, then jy trip to find a hood cord off of a 620 I saw there, and any other shifterpins I could get off any pre-89 truck "if I find any" for extras"poket them" :P If I have enough get the hard brake lines. Get the brake system out of the way so when I get the financial aid just get the rotors and calipers and bolt them on an bleed them. ;) Anything else I might want to look for when i'm at the jy?

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Jacked up the truck today and took out all brake lines exept the one going all the way to the rear, ran out of sunlight.


My employer hasnt payed me yet but i should be getting the T-blocks and lines.


i did notice that the rear right side did not have a clip from the hard line to the rubber one. is that normaly like that ? or is it missing it?


it was just looped around underneath the axel.


going to check out that toirson drop and maybe going 1 inch more on the rear, sitting on 3 inch blocks right now.


there was another question i wanted to ask but forgot what it was O.o

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Yeah he did but I PM'ed BEE and said the kit i have is for the 2wd hardbody.


Still would be badass to have the z32 on there tho, thinking about selling the brackets.


I have no problem rolling, is stopping i might need help on X)


I did find some guy that might trade the rims for something that fits on CL so gonna talk to him some more tomorrow and see if we can work something out.

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Get them.


As for the brakes...do you plan on making that much go to need z32 calipers?

Save the money. Hardbody calipers are more than capable to handle almost anything you're going to throw at it.



I did get them, that was earlier when I got home.

well I know it will be bugging me if I went to the hardbody calipers.

Plus my brother tends to be a canyon junkie...

I'm just really doing it to please myself lol I know I probly wont need that much stopping power...yet :D

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I did get them, that was earlier when I got home.

well I know it will be bugging me if I went to the hardbody calipers.

Plus my brother tends to be a canyon junkie...

I'm just really doing it to please myself lol I know I probly wont need that much stopping power...yet :D


It's a good idea to keep your stop power ahead of your go power anyway. That way when you find a huge power upgrade, you can just go for it, without hoping not to end up in the next terrible accident thread. Idiots that belong nowhere near a car are on the road everywhere. I know any super deal power upgrade I come across is gonna' have to sit on my shelf until I get on my brakes and suspension.

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Im also in San Diego,


Just started a 521 project for my brother...


I also have a 521...




I saw this truck for sale ! love the color !


Thanks man, theres a meet today if you wanna roll by up in point loma, I might have a few parts for sell prety soon.

heres the meet info



+1 you should start a thread, make sure you have LOTS of oics!

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christmas came early ;)


need to pick up the rear caliper mounting bracket, z32 calipers tomorrow-Paid

what size tubing do I need? how long of the brake hose? and the brake fluid I should use is DOT4? would 2-3 big bottles enough?

Ordering bee's brakets tonight so if anyone whats my old ones for the hardbody set up im selling them 90+shipping

getting ready to do the swap this weekend

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