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Sunkist 521 ka24e


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as of today this is how the engine bay sits


. did a little wire tuck. still need to power ecu and fuel pump. and lost my bolts for the cab somewere so gotta find em lol.

i tried using the stock nut and bolt for the drive shaft but they are too short. im just going to go with a grade 8 bolt, lock washer and nylon lock nut.

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still got to work out a few kinks, injector 2-4 arent working even after we switched them with 1-3 so im guessing its the connectors it self.

the water pump isnt turning so i gotta see whats up with that.

and also getting some valve tick, couldnt tell from the motor sitting for too long or just its time

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Word! 6body bolts, disconnect the steering column, make sure to remove all brake and wires that are conected to the frame then happy lifting :)

I'm with you on that one. 6 bolts, a floor jack, 4x4's, 2x4's and a happy day!!

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Been a while since I last posted, the truck is still in progress.

This past week I decided to push it out an get it running.

Got the radiator installed with sleeved hoses to make them fit. Also got some brackets for the fan to avoid using zip ties to hold it up





Tried to de-rust the gas tank but found out I have a small hole plus a crap ton of rust. Might be picking up a fuel cell next week.


Rigged up a throttle pedal set up. Used a hard body pedal bracket and cable with a 240sz gas pedal. Welded a bolt to the pedal and put a spacer behind the bracket to pick up the slack in the cable





Dropped her off at the shop yesterday for alignment, exhaust and having them make me an intake pipe


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So I picked up the truck on Friday. The guy said the muffler was a little smokey thought it was just cause it hasn't been used in a while. As I drive it I notice it was a little hot and every time I pull to a stop the idle staid high for a good 10-15 seconds after I dip the clutch. "Did a little research and said it could be the tps, throttle or the temp sensor. " when I got to the freeway there was a bit of traffic so down shift to slow down and the motor bogged again. Looked around the bay to check everything. Found the maf wire half way chewed up and two spark plug wires came undone."might explain the bogging" I get into the city and saw a lot more smoke so some how my motor is burning oil:/. I've done a comprecion test a while back and everything seemed normal. So the guy from the shop is coming down tomorrow to check it out, trying to make it to jccs!

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