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Sunkist 521 ka24e


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update: Removed all the fuel lines yesterday. Walbro 255 fuel pump just came in along with the 2 Earls fuel filters. Going to the local store to pick up some earls plumbing and fittings for the fuel lines and the front brake/clutch line. Radiator just came in and it needs to be shaved down just a tiny bit and picking up the rad fan tomorrow from a friend. Shocks are still on backorder witch pisses me off -.- FU QA1!! I was having trouble removing the center link witch set me back a few days lol and having a friend come over to finish up the welding.

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went to get all the earls fittings for break and fuel lines today, 500 bucks well spend on hoses and fittings X) i still gotta go back for a few more things.

the fues fittings are a BIOTCH to get on the steel braided hose! i might have to go back on monday to have the guy do it for me.

i have them do it for me.measure as good as you can and go for it.
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be63e270.jpgGood stuff, i went through your post, i have an orange 521 aswell, quick question: i got an l16, i would like to know if an l20b can just be dropped in with no major mods as in new wiring harness and engine mounts etc? im a begginer and i would like to do it myself, heres a pic of mine next to a buddys (mines the orange)

love the truck (;!! what wheels do you have on there?

and thanks Z Chopper for taking care of his question.

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