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Thread pitch for shifter knob?

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Hey does anyone know the exact thread pitch for the shifter on my 74 620? It's a four speed..


I am shopping for a shift knob and don't want one that mounts with set pins.. I want a threaded knob..


Thanks again guys-

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I just have experienced this dilemma.
My 1979 KCD has an 8 MM thread.
My problem was the aftermarket brass knob adapter would not fit the shifter thread.
I took it all to my machinist, and he used an adjustable die to cut the plating off the shifter thread.
After 2 tweaks of the die, the shifter would fit the adapter threads nicely with that close of a tolerance.



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Love this! I spend part of my year in Maine and have a local machinist that does this kind of stuff! The rest of the year is Florida where if you are not there to drop several hundred are treated like poo a d told to F off! 

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