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72 510 fusebox

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I have like 3 or 4 fusebox's and i took them apart and made one good one. Then it corroded and now i have one semi ok corroded one that gets shared between my daily 510 and my drifting 510.


a good one would be nice for my daily one so on my way to work I dont have to stop and jiggle my tail light fuse to get my tail lights to come back on. I think the third time you get pulled over for no tail lights on the same road you cant play dumb or talk your way out of.

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Datsun fuseboxes work well when they are new, and you only run stock loads through them. Your fuse box is 30 or 40 years old, and if you are running your inverter through it it is very inadequate. The spring clips that hold the fuses corrode over the years, and do not make as good of a contact, and then they get warm, or hot. after they get hot, they lose spring tension, and do not hold the fuse as well, and they get hot even faster.

The fuses that Datsuns use stock are made by soldering a fuse element inside a glass tube, to the metal end caps. When the fuse gets hot, it unsolders the fuse element, and even though the fuse looks good, the fuse is bad.

I would suggest you get a modern fuse block, and install it in place of your stock fuse block. You can get fuse blocks with the blade type fuses from Summit racing. If you are running any high current items in your Datsun, you need a separate additional fuse for it. This includes inverters, non stock stereos, non stock headlights, or just about anything else added to the car, that runs on the 12 volts.

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It is good that you are doing it that way.

Whenever somebody asks a question, I tend to assume the worst, as far as their knowlege goes.

You can try to clean and polish the contacts on the stock fuse box, and then pinch the contacts closer together, and then put a new fuse in. That might work for a while, but you will need to keep an eye on it. Try to get a name brand fuse, "Buss" is one that comes to mind.

Do you have a voltmeter? If you take the voltmeter, and check the voltage between the contacts on each end of fuse, you can see if you have a good connection at the fuse box. lower is better.

I don't want the cops hasseling you for a minor problem.

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Haha, well the cops hassle me no matter what. I've been pulled over for my hair being long and putting a skateboard in my car. Well the cop said it was because I didn't signal when I pulled away from the kirb, but I think since he waited for me to get in the car that has nothing to do with it.


I've been pulled over 37 times and of those 30 of them were in a datsun. No tickets yet! [knock on wood] Everything from having open headers on my dime to drifting to drunk driving [which I wasn't he just accused me of it to pull me over]


but as for my fuse box, the connections from the clip's to the fuse are great. its the [not so] awesome pins that hold them to the wires underneath the plastic case. I even tried soldering the connection to make it better but the solder never sticks like I want.


I had a Idea today. I am just going to run a new harness with the plugs from the fusebox to a new fusebox inside the car. That way if somewhere down the road I get a new fusebox I can just install it and be A-ok.

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