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ka 620 with a/c


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I got the a/c compressor all bolted up to the motor and the factory unit underdash. Now I need to find out what condenser and dryer to get any one know thanks

Can you post some pics of this? What hoses did you use? Going R134a, R12, or something different?


Driers and condensers are nearly universal. Just match the approx. size and threading to the connectors. However, there are different types of condensers available, go with a crossflow condenser especially if going with R134a. Much more efficient.


Did you use the KA compressor, which I believe is a Nihon, Sanden style compressor. Or did you use a York?


I am intending to do something similar and I have a mix of B210,  620, 210, and 240sx parts to work with, so I'm interested to see how this turns out.

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yes there is I had it in there for about 1 year I just had the truck repainted I have not had the time to put it back in you can see it in the first pics. its easy I used a piece of cardboard and mocked it up and cut it out on a 1/4 of steel drill and tap the holes for the compressor maybe 3 hours

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Carl - I assume that is a oem s13 / s14 chassis radiator?


And what about the condenser? If not from a 240 chassis, do you happen to remember what the dimensions of it? Or a part number? :)


I'm right across the state from you..sort of.

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