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set of 13s watanabe style and set of 14s enkei turbine style for sale 4x114.3

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$400 for panasport / watanabe style set in great condition for age with 4 tires, 2 tires might be good, others def replace, i would prob replace all 4 as they could have gone bad.


$250 for enkei turbine style wheels, 4 tires, 2 have good tread (high profile tires on all 4) and the other 2 have low tread/wear




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where you at dude? offset? or backspacing would help. how wide are the 13's?


i think the 13s are 0 offset they are 13x7


i'm in Atlanta, GA

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I'll take $325 for the wat style wheels, I still have em. If you will pay to dismount tires I can get that done cheap and can ship em out quickly to ya

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