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Wanting to borrow an NL320 rear bumper


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Those of You that know Me know that I sell fiberglass 620 accessories. I am in the process right now of making full 620 fiberglass dashes. When this is completed, I hope to make NL320 rear bumpers. I need help, though, to locate a loaner bumper to make a mold of. It will be returned as loaned and NOT damaged in any way. HELP!!!!!!!



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I had a heck of a time finding this thread for Wayno so I am bumping it forward for You all. Yes, as of today (03-28-2014) I still have the fiberglass NL320 bumpers available.




Thanks, Mike

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They are for making it look stock when an original bumper cannot be found.

It is fiberglass, it might stop a shopping cart.


It's not like the repro metal ones are particularly stout.  Fiberglass can be made pretty tough depending on thickness.

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Where can I find a rear repro metal bumper for an NL320?

Repro means reproduced, correct?

You can't, the ones I'm referring to are the flat-faced ones on ebay for some later model.  I used to work in composites and whether kevlar, graphite, borosilicate or just good old fiberglass these parts can be strong and resilient.  Maybe the OP can be persuaded to make a graphite reproduction. :D

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