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Ron1200's '79 KC 620


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Time to start the project build.

This is what I started with...








Good 620 to start with... 1979 King Cab, Front Disc Brakes, Ball Joint Front Suspension, 280ZX 5-Speed, Dual SUs, Electronic Ignition, Headers, Push-button start, Deluxe lighted nobs, Intermittent wipers, Lowered, Non-Rusty Cab, Spook, Appliance Wiremag wheels.  Will need to fix the tired L16, brake vibration, very rusty bed, some electrical issues, oil leaks, cracked dash and paint.


Added Current photo 7/23/2017...







Started photo editing 7/23/2017... PhotoBucket Sucks!

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First thing to do was install an interior. The truck didn't have a headliner or floor coverings. Let's just say the drive home was LOUD!

After cleaning out much of the undercoating inside the cab (BTW...POR does not stick well to undercoating). I treated the surface rust with rust reformer. Welded up most of the old seat holes (I left the original seat holes and filled them with Duck Seal (sp?). I then painted the floor to provide some moisture and rust resistance.

The next step was install some sound deadener. I didn't take a picture of this. Here is a pic of what Carl did... I borrowed Carl's photo. Thanks Carl smile.gif
<Photobucket Link Fail... Damn photobucket!>


This stuff is referred to as the poor mans Dynamat. And Yes it does work. I applied to to the floor, inside the doors, under the top. It sticks very well.

I got this stuff at Lowe's... It's less the $17 per roll. I used 3 and 1/2 rolls. If you go to the Lowe's website, every reviewer listed used this stuff as a vehicle sound deadener. Not it's intended application.

Peel & Seal 6" X 25' Aluminum Roof Repair
Lowe's Item #: 154017 | Model #:PS625

Description: Self-Stick Aluminum Surface

  • 5 Puncture Resistant Layers
  • Easy To Apply
  • Just Peel Release Paper and Press In Place

Peel & Seal used to sound proof Corvette Overall Rating: rating.gif 5 / 5 Fred A Location: New Bedford, MA Level of Expertise:Intermediate Date:June 28, 2011

I used this product, as have many other Corvette owners, to sound proof the trunk area of my car. It cost over $300 to buy materials that are made for sound proofing a vehicle and using Peel & Seal does the same thing for less than $50. It quiets down the road nosie from the tires and muffles the drone from after-market exhaust systems. This product was recommended by many members of the corvette forum as an inexpensive alternative to the more expensive sound deadening product. I used it and it worked very well. There is no smell from this product and it is very easy to cover the entire trunk area with it. I would recommend this to a friend -------------------------------------------------
Great Vehicle Sound Deadener
Overall Rating: rating.gif 5 / 5 Canyon Man Location:New York Date:May 24, 2011
I lined the inside of door skins with this stuff, and the ride is much quieter. The stuff is easy to work with, but might gum-up a pair of shears while using it for sound deadening. Great adhesion, so I'll bet it works well on a roof too. Low odor.Pros High quality, Durable I would recommend this to a friend
Overall Rating: rating.gif 5 / 5 Siege Location: DFW Level of Expertise:Intermediate Date:December 25, 2010
Bought 7 rolls of this stuff and installed in the doors, under carpet, and behind rear panals, of my 2000 F-150. This stuff is cheap and does its job very well. Road noise has been greatly reduced. No rattleing at all. Best of all, When I turn on subs I can hear no bass when i step out of truck and close doors.Pros High quality, Durable, keeps bass in I would recommend this to a friend
great alternative for expensive sound deadener's in cars and trucks
Overall Rating: rating.gif 5 / 5 Jerry H. Location: clackamas Oregon Date:May 4, 2010
well I was looking for good low price sound and rattle killers for my car and I must say when my father told me to use this product I was vary hesitant... but after installing 3 and a half rolls in my cars doors and trunk it made my car sound like it was a luxury car. road noise is almost gone and the whole car stay as warm or as cold as i like it to without any problem. and it really doesn't weigh much compared to the real alternatives. and the others cost close to $80 for 20 sq-ft instead of about $17 for 12.5 sq-ft. awesome product and i look forward to buying more soon! I would recommend this to a friend

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I found some leather seats from the local Pick-a-Part.
The drivers side seat had a few holes. Todd fixed this when I took the 620 down for him to work his head liner, door panel, kick panel and carpet magic. Swapped the shifter for one from a B210.








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are you keeping those rims? I might have a line for a single 6 lug mesh that could be used for a spare tire.


That'd be cool. I'm interested. My 620 has had the Spare tire stuff removed from under the truck. I'm contemplating keeping the spare in the bed where it would be more visible. Might as well make it purdy. :)

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That'd be cool. I'm interested. My 620 has had the Spare tire stuff removed from under the truck. I'm contemplating keeping the spare in the bed where it would be more visible. Might as well make it purdy. :)



ok I'll get in touch with the guy that has it. are those 14" or 15"?

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Busy Day on the 620.

Installed Air-Shocks, low-profile bump stops, Stainless exhaust tip and painted the windshield wiper arms (black).

Spent an hour drilling out the broken bump-stop bolt and re-tapping the hole. sad.gif


Had a short section of 2" Stainless exhaust pipe... Just welded it on to the end of the existing pipe to extend it a bit. It was to short and the back end was getting sooty. Painted it BBQ black so you can't see how bad I weld. tongue.gif



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Looks good.


I'm glad that the truck is still here on the forum,


I met up with Skib on a trip back from Portland to LaGrande.

He said this was the best running L motor he's ever had.


Do you still have the 240z seats?


What's your future plans with this thing?


Be careful driving that thing.

I'm sure John Brown might have an eye out for that thing.


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the interior looks good why did you change the shifter


With the new seats the shift knob was to far forward. The b210 shifter has a different curve that puts the knob in a better (more rear) position for me.

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Hey did that help with the loud thump noise when you close the door?


You are referring to the sound deadening I picked up from Lowe's, right?


Yes it did. The door now sounds solid when closed. Not tinny.

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