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Rear Breaks locking up!

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Does the red brake warning light come on at all when breaking??


If you raise each rear wheel is it free to turn, or are the brakes dragging on one or both?


Are the front disc calipers leaking brake fluid on the rotors?

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The warning light is ONLY wired to the parking brake, not the brake valve.


Have the rear brake been adjusted? Properly?


Is this a new problem, or a truck that has been sitting?


I am betting on one of three things, maybe all.

1. Nissan load sensing valve on the passenger frame rail is seized internally. Not providing proper fluid transfer to the front brakes.


2. Calipers both seized up. Uncommon that they would both be that way unless the truck has been sitting.


3. A master cylinder that is not providing proper fluid pressure to one half of the system, and that pisses off the load valve on the frame rail.


Have you done any inspections of what might be wrong? Saw you other post about how to remove a front hub, this is very basic. I am a little nervous about that question and now you are trying to work on brakes. Give us some background of you abilities to work on brakes safely.



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I had a similar problem with my 521. It had sat a while at least a couple years outside. I got it road worthy and last check on the brakes I noticed them locking up when I spun them manualy. They locked up in the forward motion but not reverse. I then adjusted my brakes out just a tad and it seemed to be the cause. I also loosened up my ebrake lines cause they were sticking so that brakes were applied. This I am sure was more of the problem for me.

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