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RIMS best offer~~~~polished lip pic up

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I dont get why every one is bagging on you about your dingy old wheels with no caps or lug nuts. If these fit an old air cooled VW, and they were profesionally fully polished, (which they should be IMO) they would be worth $1600. to $2000. Those two piece Empi's are the genuine article and everything else is a copy of them. If your doing a period correct resto, than these are the wheels to have.


Part of being an automotive enthusiest is having the vision to see past the patina of time and see things for how they could be. Picture those fully pollished on a black car. WOW.


If I wasn't renovating an empty rental house, Paying property taxes on 3 houses next month, and paying hospital bills, I would buy them in a heartbeat.


Good luck with your sale, and if you still have them in a few months PM me.



if i still have them by then, i doubt i'll want to sell them but if i do ill let you know

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