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my 720 has what i think is a factory sunroof. I have no headliner so the drain tubes help me to think that it is factory. it has some bumbers and other clips on it so that when it is removed you can store it somewhere. I had a fiero long ago that it had a spot under the hood in front for it to sit. I have no spot behind the seat that i see. can someone that has this option tell me where it is that you hang when not in its place in the roof. My nieghbor got a latch for it from a truck in the junk yard. I am going to ask him to look and see if thier is brackets to hang behind the seats. I really just need to go look myself when i get the time. I am sure i will just make some hangers at work.



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I have a couple of trucks that have factory sunroofs.

The sunroof sits on the floor against the back of the cab....on a rubber sleeper.

There are 2 hooks that are mounted halfway up the cab....with an adjustable ....


Fuck it....I'll just go snap a pic.... :D

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my truck is a regular cab st someone must of took the spot to put it off the back wall when they ran carpet in the truck all the way up to the window trim. I am sure i will just make a couple brackets to hang it behind the seats. Thanks for the replys.

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