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stuck trottle now its making noises


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a friend of mine just purchased an 85 720, being the good friend and being that he is not mechanically inclined I offered to help him, anyway after replacing all of the water hoses, de smoging it , and removing the ac system we took it out for a drive around the block came back checked for fluid leaks and changed drivers, (this is where I get screwed) he tells me to drive it so I did i engaged first took off normal now when I shift to second the damn'd thing revs like there is no tomorrow I immediately depress the clutch and shut it off.


popped the hood and checked the carb to see why it had gotten stuck on Wide open, as soon as I got to the carb I noticed that indeed it was suck, I unstuck it and told him to start it when he tried it made a wierd clunking sound since we were about 30 feet from home we just pushed it back, I took out the oil pan and found no visible holes on the underside of the pistons, there is however some side to side play on all of the connecting rods, is this normal?


also the number two cylinder seems to let some of the gas fumes enter the crank case, how can I diagnose the problem?


the speedo is broken so there is no way of telling how many miles are on the motor, how much would he expect to spend to rebuild the motor?

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If you mean front to back along the crankshaft movement, that normal.

How well did it drive before?

Did it have noises before you drove it?

How long did it rev up before you shut it off? 2 seconds, 5? more?

Did it start-up after or just turn over with clunking noises?

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