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620 "flower" hubcaps wanted


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Pretty sure. Look at them on a Japanese sales brochure...........




I remember seeing them years ago from time to time on 620s. Maybe a set is laying around somewhere.

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Hey Mike does this 521 for sale on e-bay have your hubcaps? Bet he'd part them. Or you'd have to buy the whole truck to get them.:lol:


Looks like a saweet 521 too!



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Well, I'm halfway there!! I just purchased these through Shige of Mooneyes Japan. Get this NOS ! They were kinda' pricy, the shipping almost as much as the caps, but where would You ever get 35 year old nos Japanese hubcaps?!?!? Now I need 2 more.....used will be OK with Me!!







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If I had a set of those I would put them in a box and hide them from sight.


Like in your closet.:D


I like them, sort of. I don't hate them. Maybe look better on a car like a B210 than a truck.

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The newspapers will soon be for sale!! Highest bidder!!


These hubcaps will be on My blue 1976 RHD truck that I will start after completion of Choptana. It will have (Get THIS) Datsun 1200 fender emblems, front fender CORRECT mirrors and a few other Japanese only parts. No fender flares or airdam on this truck. It will be moderately lowered and because I already did it, filled bed seams and shaved tiedown hooks. A very mild JDM looking truck.

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