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610 street demon resurection


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Well don't forget, the bed liner is sticking to the primer, not the bed itself. How well does the primer hold to the bed? Not saying this is the case but could be like painting on grease. What does the bed liner maker suggest?

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I have done rustoleum primer and enamel on my floors and it is holding up very well.  I don't really care about sound deadening though, so this may not be the best route to go if you want to quiet things down at all.

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i dont care about sound deadening either the car is no longer a daily and is to basicly be my hot rod so so long as the floors stay solid i dont care i only wanted to go bed liner is so that its more of a durable finish and at a quick glance looked like carpet 

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Well don't forget, the bed liner is sticking to the primer, not the bed itself. How well does the primer hold to the bed? Not saying this is the case but could be like painting on grease. What does the bed liner maker suggest?


Yeah I would think that bed liner would have to be applied to metal, not primer. I think the primer would eventually peel up, while the bedliner touching the metal would adhere better. It'd be best to double check. B)

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I'm interested in how this turns out. I'll be doing my floors sometime this year (and probly wheel wells). My windows are in desperate need of new seals. Currently I only have one tiny hole to fix (front passenger), but the driver rear collects a good bit of water from the window.


I was thinking of using POR15 or whatever. You mentioned that earlier. But I may go the route you are instead since I may just run with little to no carpet. All that's in there now is floor mats.

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running again drove it to the gas station for some fuel shes coughing and sputtering under load im gonna check the ignition system tomorrow and be sure that isnt the issue before taking the weber off and apart 

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checked the floors and its just a fresh layer of surface so no need to replace any metal 




stripped interior because race car it will stay very close to this ill probalby put the passenger seat back into it but thats it the rest stripped and spartan interior 







dat ass 



also figured out why it was coughing and sputtering the choke was sticking closed XD

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disasembled the front end to clean things up and what the 73 fenders look like they need a lot of work part of why im sending it to get real body work 






right one fit ok needs a little tweeking 



left one needs a lot of tweeking 




mainly seen where it meets the front valance as seen here



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well i have worked out a deal to get the body work done kinda paranoid about letting anyone else touch the car but still excited the rust will be fixed and real paint so after some more work i will never have to worry about rust again

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new parts new parts new parts!!!!!!!! because racecar




im waiting on the hardware store to get the new buttonhead allen bolts and u bolts so i can bolt the front sheet metal back on 


also went threw my dellorto this may end up on the truck but since i started showing pics of it here ill show how i finally got the crud out of it 



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well after going rounds with ace hardware and getting no where i finally found a fastenal near me and im very happy now that i finally have hardware to get this crap done 






and these for the duck bill 



my to do list before it goes to body and paint



mount duck bill


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