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Remove front plate WA state petition

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There are a number of benefits to this change in policy. They are outlined below.


The State of Washington will save money by producing half the amount of license plates. This money could be channeled to other needs such as road improvements.

I agree


By producing half the amount of license plates the State of Washington will be producing less waste. License plates are not recyclable and are difficult to dispose of properly. Less waste is always better for the environment.

BS they are metal and recyclable


Front license plates and the accompanying frames, screws and bolts can cause extra damage to other vehicles even in the most minor of collisions. Higher collision damage results in higher insurance costs. By removing the requirement for front license plates Washington State citizens would benefit by lower damage in collisions and therefore lower insurance rates.

Absolute BS


Today many cars are constructed without mounting hardware for a front license plate. Washington State citizens who own such vehicles are required to either purchase mounting hardware, if available, or drill or otherwise modify the front bumper of their vehicles to come into compliance. This not only costs the Washington State consumers more money but can also lower the value of their vehicles, especially in regards to selling to other states that do not require front license plates.

If it has the hardware on the car it's now more valuable when sold as the new owner does not have to do it


Many classic era vehicles were not constructed with mounting hardware for front license plates. Removing the requirement of front license plates would allow classic car owners to maintain their cars in their original state. This would keep the value of the classic cars higher.

Not enough 'classic cars' to matter, besides they will all have the mounting hardware on by now unless brought into the state from a state that doesn't already have them


Vertical surfaces create wind resistance and drag on moving vehicles. Wind resistance and drag on vehicles leads to a decrease in fuel economy. Even though the effect would be small on an individual basis, the overall effect statewide of removing the front license plates would be great. Greater fuel economy leads to less air pollution and a cleaner environment.

BS the bumper or whatever behind it would present just as much 'drag' as a plate. You might as well say you would use more gas carrying the extra plate around.


Vertical surfaces on the front of moving vehicles reduce the vehicles

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Dude some of these things are true that you think are "BS"

I didnt read all your post cause I really didnt care too but anyways.


For instance, License plates dont make themselves last time I checked so YES it does produce waste to make a plate and to dispose of them althogh I do agree they should be recyclable.


Yes they do do more damage nowdays cause a huge number of cars have plastic bumper shells which would be mostly undamaged if not gouged by mounting hardware for the plate. My Z car was hit in the back and and the panel was gouged badly by the 2 screws from the plate of the other car, Of course I didnt have a bumper on it.


I do however agree with most of your answers. I dont run a front plate on many of my vehicles including my motorcycle! And why is it that when the state gives you a collector plate you only get one???? Dumbasses cant figure it out can they.

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I thought the reflective material on them made them un recyclable.


and they do waste time pulling people over for nothing other than not having a front plate. I've gotten pulled over for that. I even had a custom mounted bracket on my 280ZX. It was lower than stock. They gave me an "improperly mounted front plate ticket" which I fought and the ticket was upheld. :(

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Guest DatsuNoob

Screw all the reasons for saving our govt $$ on production of plates, that money is just going to line the pockets of some fat greedy politician. Lets face it, cars just look cooler without 'em. #960 here boys, lets keep this thing goin'

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I like Bleach have been pulled over many times, I hate!!! when they use the excuse, "You don't have a front plate" Bullshit, who cares! I don't have one on my dime and I never will. No bumper aka no where to mount it without messing up the sexy lines :D The cops are behind every fucking car they pull over, what good is it to have a front plate? Bastards!


I do agree with Mike some of there reasons are a stretch, at least they are trying though.

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I actually had to bailing wire a plate to hang off the front on my old Chevelle... It flopped around so much no one could read it if they wanted to while rolling down the road! I was pulled over 2 or 3 times for this on that car, different towns, and different cops... I don't have a plate on the front of my GTO, but I just bought it, then again I dont plan on putting one on, so they can knick off! I hear if they actually give you a ticket here in Oregon it's $180 bucks.

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