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build a z24?


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I assume by 'build' you mean to make some performance gains???


The truth is... the Z24 has loads of low speed torque 132 ft lbs at 2,800 RPMs and this means it will pull a heavy truck very well. The reason for this is it was designed to work this way and also produce low emissions. Power... any real power is made by the head and how fast and how efficiently it draws in air and gets rid of the exhaust. In other words how well it 'breathes'. Because of this the head it the only drawback and is not easily modified to make power. Z24s tend to be under carbed so replacing the Hitachi with a 32/36 Weber will wake it up some. This is probably the cheapest most bang for the buck improvement you can 'bolt on'.

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First thing is tune it up, put a heavier ground wire from the battery to head and to the frame. Replace the carb and call it good. if you want more than that then you need a better motor.


Just curious,

Whats wrong with the stock grounds, and what problems do they cause?

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