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fastdadd 79 kc 620

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Thank you for posting up this thread and showing the one piece drive shaft. Those carrier bearings are really hard to come by where im at and even online i can only find chinese or thai made ones that likely wont last long. those side marker light mods are awesome too :thumbup:

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since it rained this weekend i thought i would try and make the datsloco fun run...went out saturday and buttoned up a few oil leaks..took it for a short drive and the front brakes were froze up...spent better part of sunday working on that...drove it to work for the first time in almost a year..damn i love this thing...then had to go to aloha. the temp gauge stayed at operating temp all day. funny part is i am almost positive i left the thermostat out..so now i am worried about the water pump..will look at it this weekend.   

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think i found the overheating issue....it looks like the lower radiator has gotten old and is collapsing at high rpm...if i put it in neutral while doing freeway speeds the temp drops all the way down...while testing the bolt for the throttle linkage fell off on the freeway...only thing i could find to fix was some bailing wire. rapped it around the bolt to hold the plate on and got me home.  i am not sure if i will have time to replace before canby but i think i can baby it from here to there. 

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