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frontier 6 spokes

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what do you think? they where supposed to be on there only while i repainted the stockers, but they aren't bad. i have my 3 inch blocks, just been busy with the 210. maybe some smaller tires and panit the hubs, and it be pretty sweet. stockers look good but a few small places where pitted after rust removal, and i tend to be a perfectionist when it comes to painting wheels. can you bondo wheels? bad idea probelly. does it look like it's sitting on the jack stand? it's notDatsunB210009.jpg

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Looks nice. As far as bondo on the wheels, as long as your just painting them and your not piling it on, you should be fine.


Poor bluestreak :(


Bleach do you still have the pics from when you tried to flip the a-arms?

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Are the Pathfinder wheels that look like that the same?? offset and fitment wise?


The 15x7 wheels that look like that came on the Frontier 4x4, Pathfinder 4x4, and Xterra 4x4 for a couple years. The wheels were the same.


The slightly less shiny version is 15x6 and came on 2wd Frontiers for a couple years.

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