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Video of my problem.

Uncle Laulau

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I can't upload the voics. Probably because I'm listening to pandora. So I'll just tell every one.........It was the wiring to the coil/distributor. I messed with it again with Wayno and that is when the problems started. Put the wires back the way they were for giggles and it worked almost perfect. The hesitation is 90% less, and it idles smoother. Go figure. Ha I'll get the voics up soon. Thanks all. Ratsun rules!

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Yeah, the hardest part about trouble shooting over the net, we don't know what you have been messing with...:P But also like with my friends car the headlights were not working when we first put in the wiring harness, well I forgot to plug one wire for the lights coming out of the fuse box.....thought we checked everything(It was late) Next day, go over and look right at the problem and fix in the 1st minute..:D



Glad you got it!...;)

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