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My first project!!!


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well after sitting for 2 years a fresh battery and some gas the truck fired right up, slapped the new/used tires on and got a quick alignment (toed way out last time it was on the road) and the truck was good to go, only issue was the shifter cross pin fell out some how on the drive home.




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forgot to mention i picked this up off a Subaru guy that won it as a door prize, for $20 i cant complain


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Grahem also installed a stock Datsun Tach in my truck for me rather than the aftermarket one I had mounted to the dash!!




I will post more progress as we get there!!


Plans for the truck:



New Seats from a Chevy Sprint

Center console

Floor repairs

And I am sure much more will come up !

Find clean set of doors - strip, straighten, primer and paint

Paint tailgate and hood

Straighten rest of body and box

Clean frame and paint

Prime body and box


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The tach was the easy part that day it just plugs right in. Changing the steering box and column sucked

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After Grahem removed the rear bumper I cleaned up the backs of the bumperettes, primed and painted then black.








Hopefully Thursday we can get back to it and install the driveshaft, Un mask the bumperettes and install, and re wire the tail lights.

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