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1976 Wagoon (710)


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3 hours ago, opalbeetle said:

It's an EI distributor, so I am not worried about it at all.  I left the ballast resistor there, but there is a wire bridging the posts to bypass the resistance (read how to do that in old DQ issues).  Originally it was to keep things looking stock...clearly that doesn't matter anymore.  Ha!  It'll be a winter project to remove it and clean it all up.  Of course there is the issue of building a LandCruiser this winter, so I might not get to it!

I thought it was done correctly when I put it all back together.  I kind of do things like that slowly as I am always a little nervous about messing that stuff up.



That's perfect!! The EI distributor has a current limiting circuit so it can't draw more than needed through itself. Good going.

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I made a dead pedal this past week.  My legs are short...so this is WAY more comfortable!  After using it, it could have been taller, but it still does the trick. 

I will put some traction tap on it when I get the time to get to the store to get some.





Thanks for looking in.


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