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1976 Wagoon (710)


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Seems like those are called Ram Flow filters now.  I don't know if Weiand changed the names or what.  I do know that when I Google it, I come up with Weiand Ram Flow filters.

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I haven't seen one in years but seem to remember it had 3 letters rather than a name. The SUs I bought from a guy who bought a 510 and didn't know what they were and didn't want them. If you look they still have the choke cables that where cut off just like they do in wrecking yards to quickly remove an engine. The flattop SUs also have some sort of air bleed thing that everyone removes to 'de-smog' them so these, as far as I can tell, have never been used since they were removed. These filters (presumably) are original after market ones from Japan.

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Now for a little interior work. 

The interior door cards from the '76 wrap right into the window channel and had the felt and rubber seal integral to the card.  I'm not sure when they changed the design, but the 1974 parts car I have did not have this.  The cards went part way up the door leaving the painted metal and had the window felt and rubber seal on a separate trim piece.  I prefer that look so I trimmed the top of my original door card (I sold the 4 door cards many years ago) so that the painted metal on the top of the door was exposed. 

I used the trim piece with the felt and the rubber seal from the 4 door.  The front doors swapped over no problem.  The rears did not.  I needed to alter the mounting tabs, trim the length of steel and also the rubber to make it fit.  It's nothing anyone would notice except me.  I wish I'd taken more pictures.


This is it installed.  The seats are from a RHD Subaru Outback.  With the way that the mounting rails are on the seats the drivers seat is mounted on the passenger side in the 710 (there was no real easy way to switch sides) so the passenger in the 710 has the power seat!  The driver's seat is all manual!


The door lock knobs are also different between the years.  The '74 had a two piece piece of plastic that wrapped down the door.  The '76 had a plastic piece attached to the vinyl that wrapped over the top of the door.  I separated the two piece to mount to the painted part of the door.






I don't have to do it that way, but it's the look I wanted.  So, I plugged away and made it all work.


More interior to come.

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Adding info.
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I added a tach, oil pressure gauge, water temperature gauge and a wideband.  I used the drivers side vent for a small tach, use the clock location for the oil pressure gauge and made a small two gauge mount for the top of the center console.  I didn't want to cut up the dash or remove the radio which is why I mounted gauges in existing holes.  Driving on gravel sure is dusty!




The gauge mount for the center console. This is before it's welded and ready to mount.  This piece is small but it took a LONG time to make!





The shift boot was remade as well, but I have since taken it out as the vinyl was too thick.  I just put a flat piece in with a cutout for the shifter that'll need to be tidied up later.  Here are the gauges mounted.  I also moved the dimmer switch up from the the plastic bracket (seen with the choke knob) to the dash (there was already a plugged hole to mount it in) so I could reuse the plastic bracket for the choke cables and knob.  The gear shift needed to have the bottom cut off, rotated and rewelded at a different angle to have it fit so it wouldn't bump into the console.




That's all I have for now...more tinkering and sorting will happen through the winter. I'll also take some more pictures of the things that I have missed.  It'll be nice to be able to drive it all summer next year!  I'll add more as I go along...another project is in the queue for the winter as well...my wife's dream truck.  A 1976 FJ40 diesel conversion with an added turbo, power steering, suspension and rust repair (way easier than repairing metal on a 710) are all on the list.  


Happy Thanksgiving to all you Canadian readers.....


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28 minutes ago, datzenmike said:

My '74 and '76 were the same. I found that the July '75 and on had the wrap around card. So the '76 model year was the beginning.

Thanks! Now I know.

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Got a factory option tach.


The clock wasn't working so I put my wide band gauge in the hole.


I have after market oil temp and pressure gauges on the left of the steering column in a 720 4x4 gauge cluster screwed to the under side of the dash above my knee.

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