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Wheel backspacing? what's the most?

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I'm about ready to order custom wheels. I like my wheels tucked, so I like lots of backspacing. I'm ordering 13"x7" wheels(yeah... I like 13" rims) and wanna know the most backspace I can have without rubbing. I'm running coilovers & i'm gonna be hella low. Any input would be great. I hear 4" is about the norm.


Everyone always says why 13"s & all I can say is cuz I like em'.... Anyway lemme know what ya know... Lol

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Sorry for the threadjack, but it's relevant. Does anyone know how much each degree of negative camber will move the top edge of the tire in? and up?


Completely depends on each car. Depends on pivot location, on wheel diameter, on width.


And dont thread jack, not completely relevant so should have made a new thread.

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Ok, i'm gonna try & rephraise this... What's the most backspace anyone has run on 13" rims without rubbing issues on a 510 with shortened 510 struts & coilovers?

No one runs 13s so no one knows :P

I have 16x7 with +38. you could calculate it out some how to help you maybe? It's really fucking close.

(oh shit. Just saw you said 510 struts. I have ZX so never mind.)


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