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How to get rid of the "sucked in" look of ZX wheels on ZX struts?

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Hey guys, im trying to figure out a way to space out my ZX wheels on the front of my 510, i have ZX struts, and i dont like how the wheels look "sucked in" because of the narrowed track width. I thought a bolt on 12mm spacer would bring things back to zero offset and punch the wheels out, but i cant find any 12mm bolt on spacers. Its probably too thin of aluminum to support the weight.


Anyone else solve this or try it???

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lotta guys swap hubs or use +15 and higher wheels. I have zx struts also and im not a fan of the wheels being sucked in either. I'm running a +20 wheel with a 5/16 spacer. I shoulda just shotened a set of 510 struts and put wilwood brakes on it. trying to find +15 or higher is hard to do anymore.

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I got something 1000ths(???) spacers from Troy ....... . . I said I wanted 1/2" spacers and matching longer studs for the front ........ it was like $75??? ... I don't remember




Then I also have two cheapo looking ~3/8" alum. spacers that hardly get any thread bite on stock lugs,,,, but you can borrow them at Canby .... :lol:

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