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610s unite!!!!!!


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I just died a little inside :no:

There are things money can not buy. A virgin ( accident wise ) car will never be the same. Perhaps this situation will compell Mr. Snobby ( shunned all attempts by Datsun people to get close or get a response from him ).. to get closer....if only to shop around for parts.

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no, isnt that guy making 610 parts off this car?


no hes making parts from the original car the one that actually raced that was at troy erishes shop this car was the back up car 

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Most race cars go through minor wrecks, but they can still win races after repair.

No big deal, just get it fixed.


After all it is the 2nd most famous 610 ever.

 If the rest of frame is not bent, then the best way to deal with this is to get the left side wall of the engine bay and the radiator cowl off a donor car and weld those parts in. That side wall and radiator cowl is already wrinkled and it not only would look freaky, but the metal strength would be gone.

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New To The Family

Drives And Runs Nice

Only Thing Is The Ride Is Alittle Soft

Cut Springs.. Maybe Shortening The Shocks Will Help

Installing The ZX Turbos After Camber Is Adressed

Will Look Into Some Stock Interior

Not Diggin The Integera Interior

Also Hating The No Bumpers

I Really Want To Find A Set Of Parkbenches Soon :)



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uh, they did fix bs #33




your forgetting there are 2 cars one that i saw a troy ermish's shop shortly after body work and the one adam owns the one that was at ermish's shop was the race car and the one adam owns  is the back up car that being said im not sure which car this is but looking at the radiator support im willing to bet its the one that ermish was working on

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i ran my yellow car with no front bumper for years and yeah it got into a fender bender (before the t bone) bottom line is this bumpers really dont help at all your front sheet metal is gonna be fucked regardless

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i ran my yellow car with no front bumper for years and yeah it got into a fender bender (before the t bone) bottom line is this bumpers really dont help at all your front sheet metal is gonna be fucked regardless

Agree. The only thing those bumpers are good for is for parking . ladies and dorky gentlemen that  can not park without shoving other's cars off. Best protection is not to park in crowded streets. Walk a couiple blocks and leave you car parked safe away from morons.

 In a collision those bumpers are worth nothing. If the car is lowered, it does not matter what you have as bumper, be it a park bench, spruce log or streel bar, I have seen lowered cars upon impact, and bumper area ( or naked valance) suffers no impact. All the impact goes onto the grille. Parkbench bumpers are useless balast.

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Correcto. They were not designed to save the car in a collision, rather they were designed so that in a 5 mph crash it wouldn't damage the body. And they do work for that. I have a 1972, and a tap 2-3 mph will push the back panel in. Almost all the 1972s have dented or twisted bumpers because they are so flimsy. But they look good when you replace it with a new flimsy bumper.

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Because you're retarded if you have bumpers and don't use them simply because it "doesn't look cool".
F-150 backed its drop hitch ball straight dead center into the front very tip of my 240z bumper and continued to do so until stopped the truck. This was paralell parking o the street.... Flimsy cool looking 71 light chromed bumper.


Bumper demolished , grill gone , hood a touch crinkled ....

Thank the datsun god bumper was there ... could have been replacing a LOT more.

I can lols a bit about it now :lol:

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