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Once a cavity is filled with liquid the pump pressure goes up to it's designed limit. Even a 2" fuel line will pressurize to the pump's rating. Well, as long as the EFI doesn't use it faster than the pump can supply it. The fuel delivery is a closed system except for the injectors and the fuel pressure regulator/return line. I agree that too large a pipe isn't much use.


The return line is usually slightly larger diameter than the supply. The return must NEVER appear to be a restriction to the regulator or it can't do it's job and bleed off excess pressure.

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Update, so i got alot of parts ive been ordering,

I took the head off to get a pocket port, multi angle valve job, resurface with new BC valves, BC dual valve springs, BC bronze valve guides, supertech stem seals to get installed. Also upgraded to supertech "bucket over shim" cam followers And i got BC 272 cams with Tomei adjustable cam gear so i can degree them.This is how the head looked when i took it off. Pretty dirty.. Next i will be stripping the block and get it ready for the machine shop aswell and i have wiseco piston with manly rods. The goal for the engine is to have it completely built with forged bottom end, my HP goal is 350 to 400hp to the wheels..












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