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WTB: front set up or components.

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so i got me a 72 510 Wagon and i'm in the process of getting my "stance"..this is one of my first posts.. but i've been reading quite a bit and have KIND of decided the direction i want to go..

i'm wanting to stick w/ 13x6, 13x7 or 14x6, 14x7 as far as wheel size, and some yokohama A048s catch my attention pretty good.. wanting fatty-er rubber so a 60 series? maybe? 50 if i'll have clearance problems..


so on to my WTB...

i'm lookin for a set of 280zx struts already shortened, hopefully complete w/ inserts & springs & anything else i need to get going..o i can just bolt right up n drive.. if anyone has.. let me know..






also looking for suggestions as to what i should do in the rear.. i have 2" blocks ready to bolt up, but am considering air over leaf.. just for the f of it.. (drop a leaf? or have some built? or flip em?)

oh and also wondering, when using the 280zx struts.. do you have to change the tie rods or any other thangs?



i'm new to datsuns.. but not new to the forum scene.. i'm a current Honda Ruckus-er.. and have pretty much devoted my time and money to my lil honda ruckus for the last 2 years.. it was time for a bigger project, and the 510wagons have always been in the back of my mind.. anyways.. that being said.. i'm expecting some kind of non-positive feedback to come from my post.. lol.. so bring it on Ratsun. :)

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If flipping the leaf spring you have to dismantle them and re stack with the smallest length at the bottom and the longest at the top. If you don't, most of them really aren't supporting any weight.


Removing a leaf is a no no. Here's what happens... less leaves will support less weight and sag, (good for a drop) but with the car lower it will now dip lower when driving over low spots in the pavement and bottom out. A lower car with less road clearance needs a stiffer suspension to resist this.


A drop block is best and easiest. Keeps the original spring rate at least.

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