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FS: 78' 280Z

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I have a 1978 Datsun 280Z that runs and drivers fine, has a pinhole leak in the radiator, and the

P-Side turn signal is a little wacky (origional seller had hit ..... something? and broke the bulb).


Tires are deflated, but I have a compressor if you want to inflate them and drive it home, they

have some pretty gnarly cracks, I'd recommend new ones.


Ugly as hell, about 90 different colors with a horrible primer job. Comes with almost a complete

240Z conversion (only missing the tail light surround and bumper brackets), otherwise comes

with Front and Rear skinny bumpers, 240Z taillights, 240Z under valence, 240Z turn signals,

and a few misc parts (fenders, panel skin, new headlights, new headlight extenders / headlight

buckets and a few other random things I can remember).


Asking an EXTREMELY reasonable price of 1700$ OBO, or parts trades for Datsun 1973 Wagon

stuff (plus cash, if parts aren't worth the equitable) This includes rebuilt engines and running engines,

transmissions, interior and exterior parts, or your first born child....


Feel free to lowball, or make a best offer, the worst I can say is no, but I'm extremely reasonable.


Car is located in Kent, WA. Pictures whenever I can find them. Will ship at buyers expense if it's

just a bit too far for you to come get it.

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Bumpers, valance (do you mean side valences or air dam?), and front turns. A radio/air conditioning surround plate if you have one, it would be easier if you listed all 240 parts. But if you can, give me some prices on those things shipped to 93433

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I have the under valence (the part that lets you use 240Z turn signals, its a 3pc thing)


240 specific parts are

240Z Rear Bumper

240Z Front Bumper

240Z Turn Signals

240Z Tail Lights


Shipping would be fairly expensive, plastic and

metal should go in two different boxes, and shipping

two bumpers is some definite weight.I'd rather have

you make me an offer, since I'm going to be selling

as a whole otherwise.

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