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SR20DET Block Adapter


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Anyone run one of these? I get a little OCD for a clean engine and I noticed once I had my SR out and pulled the oil filter off that it was a little dirty from oil seepage from that area. Supposedly one of the key benefits of running one these will prevent that and allow you to use a remote filter (I really dont care about a remote filter). Curious if they do keep your block clean.



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Sure they will. When you change the remote filter the oil runs onto your fender instead of the engine.



depends on where you put it.


you could mount it to a bracket that doesnt put it over the inner fender

or like alot of newer nissans theres a little metal "chute" under it that directs the oil coming out of the filter.

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well it depends on if its gonna keep things clean...


installing that adapter properly will make it not make a mess on you block, but if one of the hoses in this setup is loose, or if it gets a hole rubbed in a line from a crappy install youll have a ton of issues...


i would just make sure you have your oil filter install properly before you mess with this extra crap... put a thin layer of grease on the rubber o-ring on the filter before you put it on...


itll seal alot better, and will stay sealed... and it wont make it a pain in the ass to take the filter off the next time too...

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