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WTB Can-AM Box!!!

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Would like to buy a can-am box..guessing the original sellers are ignoring my requests to purchase one or just aren't building/selling them anymore. Anyone has an extra or know someone that has one. Ill pay $160

Feel free to email me @ overclocked1@comcast.net

Many thanks,


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PM Icehouse, if you have not done so already. There is a thread somewhere on here as well for the can-am boxes, as well as the 510 realm. Maybe bump the thread and mention that you have been trying to reach him. He's a busy guy, so might take him a minute to get back to you.

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give it some time.

we have day jobs and such, some people arnt on Ratsun 24/7


I understand this. I wasn't whining, was just under the impression that they lost interest in these boxes as I seen that certain people get on once a day and I got no recognition from the messages I sent . So I Just want to see if anyone had an extra... No harm? If I gota wait..then I gota wait..but I dont want to wait a month and find out the product isn't available. Anyways this thread is off topic..

Still looking for a extra Can-AM box someone might have :D

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Might be sold out MOFO!

Has to make more. there nothing!!! use 3 relay light boxes and hook up as in the How to section is need to get car running that bad.

get your car harness wired up and x memeber done and fuel pump set up first/radiator ec... then get the box just in time for install.


I got one but gave it away to a guy in Australia


he should have another batch ready by Canby show

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dude if yu want one paypal him yr 150 and when yu get it is when yu get it. it took bout a week and a half to get mine he didnt reply to any of my msgs hes just a real buy dude and i could understand. its worth the wait.i was ready to file a claim but it came in today :D

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