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Hello to all

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I guess I'll just get right to it. I am new to this, I have only ever had one passion: making my ride as cool as it could be. My "true" first vehicle that I owned was an 81' datsun diesel, which I still have although the body is completely shot. This datsun, which I will post pics, was the same vehicle made me money in high school; not only that I picked my wife up in this rusted diesel bucket that she completely fell in love with. Never-the-less, I have a real passion for the opportunity that came my way. When Rhapakatui said that he was willing to sell this 75' jewel to me; it came with a huge stipulation I would have to join ratsun. I must say after reading so much already, I just thought I was a datsun lover. Ratsun is beyond words. I am looking forward to using all of this knowledge here to make this 75' 620 have new life breathed into it. I am on a 365 day tim eline to make this vehicle compete in a two-sided car show: one for restoration, and for sound off. I will be posting pictures and progress weekly. Anyway, time to go to bed, thanks for hav'n me.

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This is how it looked when I got it.

I realized I couldn't afford this restoration plus my ever ambitious king cab build, so I asked the person I thought most likely to do it right to take this one on. These pics are from when I got it back in the fall.


Welcome aboard Beau. In the future, I'd advise you to make with the oics first, then talk.


He sent me pics today of the grill repairs. Its gonna be sweet with this guy in charge. Can't wait.


Now start a build thread and when you can't show datsun pics, show boobs.

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